The Final Countdown in London

My last days in London were a whirl wind of cleaning, handing in papers, packing, and trying to fit in last minute cultural experiences. I went to see Henry V with Jude Law (thanks Grandmom!). It was absolutely incredible. All the London papers gave it 5 stars and I couldn’t agree more. The next day I turned in my final research paper for my History Programme and headed off to Belgium (on which you will hear more but that trip was so important that I need more than a week to draft my thoughts). It was both a huge relief to be done and kind of like losing a part of me that I had been working on for 4 months (wow I’ve been here for 4 months! That FLEW by). That last week I went to see Richard II starring David Tennant. I though it was fitting that I begin and end my semester abroad in London with William Shakespeare. The show was incredible but better yet was stage dooring afterwards when I met David Tennant!!! I was easily one of the greatest nights of my life. After that, London for BU started to wrap up. My core group of friends (minus a few that were busy) went to the Blackfriar Pub for one last night of pub food before we all left our new and beloved home. Blackfriars is the most beautiful pub I’ve ever seen. The inside is gorgeous art deco images with friars everywhere because it was the site of a monastery from the 1200s to the 1500s Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire supposedly held court there and it is suspected to be the location from which Henry VIII’s court dissolved his marriage to Cathrin of Aragon. After that it was a sea of packing and teary goodbyes to London and my new found friends  then off to Italy for the adventure of a lifetime.


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