Of the time I thought I was going to get deported and all other things Irish

Claire and I made our way to Dublin on Saturday morning the following weekend. We had a fun day at the Guineas Factory with Jess. The three of us learned all the history of Guinness and hour to pour a perfect pint, which we then got to drink! We then wanted around Dublin, making our way to Trinity College and the Molly Malone statue. We grabbed bangers and mash and traditional Irish stew for dinner, then Claire and I met up with Allison who was studying abroad with Jess in Dublin. The Three of us made our way to O’Neils and then to Doyle’s to catch up. The next morning at the crack of dawn  Claire and I wandered through the quiet streets of Dublin to get to our tour bus. We took the bus to Carrick-a-rede bridge which was 100 feet above  thrashing water and jagged cliffs. After that mini adventure we hiked for hours along Giant’s Causeway which was exhausting and breathtakingly beautiful. Finally we got a look at the ruins of Dunluce Castle before we drove back to Belfast to hang around the Christmas market for an hour. The market was adorable and even had an entire stand dedicated to all of the different coffees and hot chocolates you could make with Baileys. The biggest down side to this whole trip was forgetting my passport at the hostel in Dublin when we left for our day trip. Although I got it back at the end of the day the whole bus ride that wasn’t spent enjoying the view was spent panicking that I was going to be arrested or thrown out of the country. By far that was the stupidest most terrifying thing I’ve done on study abroad but luckily I made it back to Dublin without a hitch and then back on to London.


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