New Beginnings

The hardest part about moving to another continent for 4 months should be fitting my entire life into one suitcase (well one plus a rolling carry on and a backpack), right? Wrong. It’s all of the annoying hoops that you have to jump through to be registered for classes and put in to the BU system.

Freshman year I was cleared to go to school without a second chicken pox shot, and now 2 years later because I was accepted into my study abroad program they decide to check my medical records. Low and behold I had to redo my shots, getting 2 within 4 weeks of each other, with only 5 weeks before I left for London.

Significantly more stressful than that, but also admittedly far more my fault, we forgot to fill out the FAFSA this year so when I was finally put into the system my bill was missing the Stafford Loan. Time crunch. We raced to the FAFSA website, filled out that god awful application,  sent it off, then had to make corrections and send those off. 5 days later, 1 day before I get on my plane and it’s still not there. I’m scanning the student link bill what feels like every hour in the hope that this time maybe it’ll be there even though it wasn’t when I checked 5 minutes ago – writing that sentence actually made me feel the need to go check it again. *Update as of 7pm my bill is all paid and I’m going to London!

I keep having this sinking feeling like I’m forgetting something major and when I get off the plane I’ll remember. The world won’t come to an end because I’ve forgotten my toothbrush;  but it might if I lose my passport (which I’ve been known to do).

Tonight I’ll be driving up to Newark to pick up Devon, one of my 3 roommates and a good friend, who is flying with me to London. At first I wasn’t bothered by the though of flying to London all by my lonesome but now that Devon is going over with me I’m relieved I’m not going alone.

Now that I have waded through the financial and medical bureaucracy swamp and made it through alive I can actually let myself be 100% genuinely excited about moving to London without the fear that something is going to go terribly wrong in the next 24 hours. I have my boarding pass in hand and my adventure is just beginning.